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7 Best Sublimation Printer for Cricut 2023 | A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a small business owner who works with art and craft? If yes then this is the right place for you. Maybe a sublimation printer can help you with your craft work and this is the way you can turn your business into some fun too.

People like to spend their free time printing and cutting by cricut press. However, making some profit via this activity requires you to have the best sublimation printer for cricut. Sublimation printing is a DIY trend that converts the design and print of your choice onto stuff like t-shirts, mugs, etc. This is the best way you can efficiently print bespoke designs with this top-notch printer equipment.

For your help, this is a detailed guide about the best sublimation printer for cricut.

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Here are the reviews of 7 best sublimation printers for cricut that you can check out and know what’s the best choice for you.

Our Pick1
best sublimation printer for cricut
Epson ET-3760 Wireless All-in-One cartridge Free Printer

‣ Ultimate connectivity.
‣ Experience innovative hands-free.
‣ Advanced, space-saving design.
‣ Enjoy added peace of mind.

Top Pick2
best sublimation printer for cricut
Epson Workforce Sublimation Printer for Cricut

‣ Print, scan, copy and fax
‣ DURABrite ultra ink.
‣ 250-sheet paper tray.
‣ Wireless printing and networking

Editor’s Choice3
best sublimation printer for cricut
Kodak Dock PD450

‣ One Touch Printing.
‣ Fast, Easy System Prints Standard 4” x 6” Photos.
‣ Maximum Quality Compatibility.
‣ Simultaneous charging.

People’s Choice4
best sublimation printer for cricut
Lexmark Multifunction Laser Printer

‣ Multifunction color compact device.
‣ Wireless. Setup is fast and easy.
‣ Usb and Ethernet.
‣ All-in-One.
‣ Lexmark mobile print app.

Best Seller No. 15
best sublimation printer for cricut
Mitsubishi Eco-Value Sublimation Printer

‣ Two print formats.
‣ High Resolution.
‣ 96% less Standby-energy.
‣ Matte finishing.

Best Seller No. 26
best sublimation printer for cricut
Canon Pixma Megatank Printer

‣ Wireless MegaTank Single Function Printer.
‣ Print up to 6,000 Black text pages or 7,700 Color pages.
‣ Wireless Connect.
‣ Canon PRINT App.
‣ Mopria – Android(TM).

best sublimation printer for cricut
Brother MFC-J995DW All-In-One Printer

‣ Years of Ink In-box: Up to 1 year.
‣ Max Print Speed (blk/color)(11): 12 ppm / 10 ppm.
‣ Duplex (2-sided) Printing.
‣ Display: 2.7″ Color Touchscreen.
‣ Wireless, Ethernet, USB 2.0

1. Epson ET-3760 Wireless All-in-One cartridge Free Printer:

The best thing I find about this printer is its low cost for the features it comes with. It is an affordable price printer without cartridge and wireless too. The printer simply needs an ink replacement bottle system that saves a lot in comparison to inkjet cartridges. Epson 3760 is a pretty reliable option as a cricut printer if you want a cartridge free option. Also, it is eco-friendly because of its ecotank ink system. This way, the printer itself saves a lot of waste that the usual cartridge printers cannot save.

best sublimation printer for cricut

In my experience, this wireless equipment saves a lot of time because it has a high capacity tray for papers that does not make you do frequent paper loads. The feature range of this printer is quite vast that includes automatic duplex printing, wireless connection, optical zoom and scanner for document scanning, art or photos. Moreover, the built-in ethernet port in the printer enables you to connect it directly to your home computer.


  • Affordable price range
  • High capacity of paper tray
  • 3-in-1 printer
  • Dual side printing option
  • Optical zoom


  • No option for photo printing
  • Moderal print resolution

Final Verdict

  • Epson 3760 is a budget friendly printer with a good feature range. If you want to facilitate your small craft work at home and make little profits by it then getting this printer would be a great choice.

2. Epson Workforce Sublimation Printer for Cricut:

This is an inkjet printer by the most credible printer brand Epson. This is a robust workforce model that is an ideal choice for businesses. This printer is in high demand because of its precision core technology. This equipment provides you with print shop quality images with large borderless format printing. This printing device consumes quite less power and comes under economical range.

The Epson 7720 gives you the ultimate level of printing as it is a versatile and multi functioning device. The workforce printer has an automatic document feeder with dual scanning facility. This way you don’t need to worry about feeding paper. There are multiple connectivity options like Wi-Fi, NFC, and Ethernet so nothing to worry about paper jams or wires.

best sublimation printer for cricut

Moreover, it works quite fast in comparison to all the inkjet printers I tested and used. Its touch screen display allows you to control it super easily.


  • Easy navigation and control
  • Touch screen display
  • Wide format
  • Fast and accurate working
  • Automatic document feeding
  • Different connectivity options


  • Requires a lot of ink for large formats

Final Verdict

  • WF7720 by Epson is the best sublimation printer for cricut projects. It has a lot of features with quality like efficiency and accuracy. This is a perfect fit for you if you need a printer within budget but quality.

3. Kodak Dock PD450:

The next printer in my list is by Kodak, which is a mini instant printer. It is able to let you have instant high quality photo prints with certain dye-sublimation technology directly from your smartphone. It uses thermal technology that gets you printed images without any bleeding or fading.

As it is a small size printer so it’s quite portable in nature allowing you to take it anywhere with you like your school or office. The most unique feature of this printer is that it functions as a charger too. Yes, it allows you power your devices alongside printing images with good resolution.

best sublimation printer for cricut

The printing system of this equipment is convenient, which means you don’t need to use any memory card or computer. All you need is to connect your phone to the dock using its 5-pin cable and press the DOCK and the Kodak app will launch for you to print.

It has built-in Wi-Fi function and the dock printer is easily compatible with your devices allowing you to print directly from your digital camera. However, there is no support for SD cards.


  • High quality printing
  • Different connection options
  • Application support
  • Easily controlling with smartphone


  •  Works slow
  • A bit expensive

Final Verdict

  • If you are looking for something portable with quality then Kodak Dock is the printer for you. It gives you excellent printing quality with easy navigation and control.

4. Lexmark Multifunction Laser Printer:

This one on my list is a laser printer that is a super energy and paper saver. Alongside being on the affordable side, the printer gives you high quality prints that is an ideal option for the cricut designs.

This printer machine is built well with robust quality and the entire thing is easy to set up. It is very good value for money that gives you clear and crisp copies. For the price range, it is one of the best sublimation printers for Cricut.

best sublimation printer for cricut

Lexmark is a laser printer but still does the work quite efficiently. Navigating the equipment is also easy because of its touch screen display. Moreover, it has many connection options like USB,Wi-Fi, and ethernet. This way you can easily scan and print with no hassles.


  • High resolution printing
  • Many connectivity options
  • Touch screen display


  • No automatic paper feeder

Final Verdict

  • For the features and operation, it is the best printer and great value for money. The printing quality is high letting you sublimate your favourite designs with ease.

5. Mitsubishi Eco-Value Sublimation Printer:

This sublimation printer allows you to easily print on many different things like t-shirts, mugs and you can create cute labels. And yes, it is a great choice for Cricut printing too. It is a full-fledged sublimation photo printer that gives you high quality prints with smoothness and clarity. It is available in two different sizes so you can get both small and large size prints.

Its dye print head uses quite less power and its unique head design enables you to have crisp edges. Another of its great features is that it produces both glossy and matte prints. However, note that matte finishes are smoother, dull but natural and glossy prints look more vibrant and light but do not have smooth finishing.

best sublimation printer for cricut

The features of this printer are vast and all useful like the paper feeder, one touch power switch. With just a single touch, your printer is set up and you are ready to print.

This sublimation printer by Mitsubishi makes use of sublimation ink for hard and soft applications. Following this, when the print gets under high temperature so the ink becomes solid on the paper.


  • Consumes less power
  • USB support
  • Mac and windows, supports both operating system
  • Impressive image quality
  • Sets with just a single click


  • Takes time in working

Final Verdict

  • In my experience, the Eco Value printer is a great equipment for sublimation printing. It gives you high quality prints without any chaos.

6. Canon Pixma Megatank Printer:

This is a large paper capacity printer that is a great choice for high-volume users. The canon Pixma wireless printer is a great value for money with its large printhead. Its 350 sheet capacity makes it a great quality equipment that is reasonable for the price.

This printer takes away the hassle of running out of ink and spending money on expensive ink cartridges even when it’s an inkjet printer. Yes it is because it comes with a mega tank ink reservoir and thousands of ink pages in the package.

best sublimation printer for cricut

The Canon Pixma easily gets connected to your Wi-Fi letting you detect your printer. However, its setup is not that easy. You need to properly read all the instructions and then set it up before starting. Also, there is no backlight that makes the display a bit difficult to read. It has an additional feature of supporting voice commands.


  • High print quality
  • Handful of features
  • Automatic printing
  • Megatank of ink


  •  No support for memory devices
  • No touchscreen for control

Final Verdict

  • The Canon Pixma G5020 gives you high quality prints. It comes with handy features boosting productivity with quite good value for money. Regardless of whether you need an office or home, it is a great choice.

7. Brother MFC-J995DW All-In-One Printer:

This is an inkjet printer that does not directly work as a sublimation printer. However, this inkjet printer has the ability to convert into a sublimation printer that you can use for cricut. However, this printer provides you with high quality printing and you can also do some customizations.

When I was using this printer I never had to worry about the ink cartridge. It is because of its tank technology that enables you to print endlessly for a year with no extra ink purchase. There is a re-engineered INKvestment tank cartridge that has eternal ink storage that enables you to run the printer without spending over ink.

best sublimation printer for cricut

This printing device is easily compatible with wireless technology to let you easily print from your cell phone with no hassle of wires or cables. This way, printing gets super easy as you can use any of your devices like an iPhone, iPad, or any android device. Also, the printer can give you prints on both sides of the sheet.


  • Automatic dual side printing feature
  • Wireless printing
  • Compatible to most of the devices
  • Extra ink tank facility


  • Setup takes time

Final Verdict

  • This is a great value printer for the money. It has a good range of features with customization options. It gets easily connected to your phones. The best thing about this printer is that it comes with an extra ink tank facility so you don’t need to invest money on cartridge stuff.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying The Best Sublimation Printer for Cricut – Buying Guide:

After checking out the reviews of all the best sublimation printers for cricut, you still need some help deciding to buy the one printer that fits all your needs. Following that, here are a few factors that you should consider while deciding which printer for cricut is the best for you.

1) Speed of Printing:

The speed of a printer means how fast it can give you a single print. It also depends on a few things, like what you are printing an image or a text, what cartridge you are using, black or colour, how well the printer works and what type of paper you have. These are the points that influence the printing speed and that varies according to different models and brands. When you are printing at home then a simple printer with 22 to 42 pages per minute is fine for black and white printing. Regardless, there are high-end printers too that are able to print 100 pages in a minute. So you need to know what your requirements are and then choose what suits you the best.

2) Image Resolution:

As you are choosing a printer for cricut maker projects then you must make sure about the image resolution. Note that a high resolution image takes more time to print. You need to know what your needs are for choosing the print resolution for your printer. This means that if you simply want to make cute small labels then low resolution like 300 DPI would work for you. However, if you need something big like printing T-shirts then you need to go for a higher DPI resolution equipment.

3) Print Media Size and Format:

As you will be creating cricut designs then you must need a sublimation printer that works for various media sizes and formats. Note that sublimation printers come in sizes ranging from narrow to wide.

4) Ink Quality:

The ink that your printer uses is critical to producing high-quality prints. Some models are only compatible with the company’s ink and cannot use third-party ink, which increases operating costs significantly. Most manufacturers, on the other hand, will allow you to subscribe to ink for free for a limited time. To achieve the best results, we recommend that you use ink that is compatible with your printer.

Some printers make it difficult to refill cartridges; choose a printer with refillable cartridges to reduce spillage and waste.

5) Connection Options:

This factor is usually ignored at first, and the user later regrets it. The latest models have a variety of connectivity options, so you won’t have to deal with clumsy wired connections. Purchase a printer that has various connectivity options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Sublimate using any printing machine?

A.   Sad to say, no. Not every printer is suitable for sublimation printing because only a few printers can print on sublimation paper. The ink will not work on the paper if you use a standard printer. This is because dye sublimation inks are used by sublimation printers to permanently transfer the ink onto the media.

Furthermore, these printers print sublimation ink using a specialised sublimation heat transfer method that no other printer can do.

Can I convert any printer for sublimation?

A.   No, not every printer can be converted to sublimation printing. However, it is possible to convert a specific type of printer to a sublimation printer. For example, you can only convert an inkjet desktop printer to Cricut if it is brand new. You will get high-resolution print quality because the converted inkjet printer can provide the same performance.

Keep in mind that ink cartridges for inkjet printers differ significantly from ink cartridges for Cricut cutters. As a result, even empty ink tanks that previously contained a different ink type cannot be filled.

Why specific sublimation blanks are needed?

A.   Sublimation blanks produce high-quality prints on rigid surfaces such as glassware, phone cases, tiles, cutting boards, and so on. The main reason for using specific sublimation blanks is that they have a polymer coating.

Under high temperatures, the pores in this coating open up and infuse the ink onto the media in a gaseous state. This ensures long-lasting prints with no fading over time.

Is any printer fine for Cricut prints and cuts?

No, you cannot use any printer for Cricut prints. Only sublimation printers designed specifically for Cricut can be used. Different printers are used for different purposes; therefore, getting what is specifically designed for a given job is best.

What things do I need for sublimation printing?

A few quality things are needed for you to do proper sublimation printing. That includes;

·  A sublimation printer

·  A heating press machine

·  Specific sublimation or butcher paper

·  Tweezers

·  Wrapper paper cut

· Heat resistant tape


Choosing the best Cricut printers for DIYers and small businesses from among all of the high-quality sublimation printers can be difficult unless you have all of the necessary information. If you need business printing mugs or merchandise, these printers are ideal.

Make sure you don’t overlook the essentials and get your hands on the best Cricut sublimation printer if you want to turn your small business into a thriving sublimation shop.

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