best sublimation printer for t-shirts

10 Best Sublimation Printer for T-Shirts 2023 | A Detailed Guide

Do you know about the new technology in the printing industry? No? It’s the sublimation printer for tshirt printing. My experience with the technology made me realise that it is perfect for any type of printing because of its ability to print high-resolution graphics directly onto the t-shirt fabric.

T-shirt printing is a great thing that you can do for several things like making unique gifts, giveaways, polo shirts and customised gifts for special occasions. Sublimation printers for t-shirts enable you to print logos, images and designs on a variety of fabric material. Nowadays, sublimation printers are gaining quite popularity because of their high-resolution images that promise permanence with fade-resistant.

Do you want to try customizing t-shirts to wear with your friend squad or something like this? If yes then here are the 10 best sublimation printer for t-shirts that you can choose from. These are easy to use machines that can get you a few prints on your apparel of your choice without any hassle.

10 Best Sublimation Printer for T-shirts:

Our Pick1
best sublimation printer for t-shirts
EcoTank ET-4700

‣ Wireless, Ethernet.
‣ Exclusive EcoFit bottle design.
‣ Easy setup and navigation.
‣ RoHS compliant.

Top Pick2
best sublimation printer for t-shirts
Epson Stylus C88

‣ USB 2.0 compatible, Parallel (IEEE 1284).
‣ Fast, High-Quality Printing.
Reliable Paper Feed.
‣ Instant-Drying Inks.

Best Seller No. 13
best sublimation printer for t-shirts
DNP DS-RX1HS Photo Printer Event

‣ Photo Booth applications.
‣ Event Photography use.
‣ In peak, idle, and running modes.

Best Seller No. 24
best sublimation printer for t-shirts
Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500

‣ Extreme Versatility.
‣ Vibrant Colors.
‣ Superior Durability.
‣ Infused Image.

Editor’s Choice5
best sublimation printer for t-shirts
Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3

‣ Printing Technology: Dye Sublimation.
‣ Printer Output: Color.
‣ Print media: Fabric.
‣ Scanner Type: Sheetfed.
‣ USB 2.0.

best sublimation printer for t-shirts
Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550

‣ Intuitive touch display and wireless connectivity.
‣ Exclusive EcoFit® ink bottle design.
‣ 2-year limited warranty with registration.

best sublimation printer for t-shirts
Canon Selphy CP 1300

‣ Dye Sublimation / Thermal Transfer.
‣ 300 x 300 dpi.
Color Depth
‣ 8-Bit.

best sublimation printer for t-shirts
Kodak Dock Portable Instant Photo Printer

‣ One touch printing.
‣ High Quality.
‣ Maximum device compatibility.
‣ Simultaneous Charging.

People’s Choice9
best sublimation printer for t-shirts
Professional Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine WF-2860 Printer

‣ High quality.
‣ CHIPLESS cartridges.
‣ CE certification.
‣ 2-year warranty for heat press.
‣ 1-year warranty for printer.

best sublimation printer for t-shirts
Canon Pixma MC3620

‣ Print, Copy, Scan.
‣ Easy Wifi Setup.
‣ Mobile Device Printing.
‣ Auto Duplex Printing.
‣ 9.9 IPM Black / 5.7 IPM Color.

1. EcoTank ET-4700:

This EcoTank printer is by Epson and most of you already know that Epson is a big and trusted name in the printing industry. Following this, the ET-4700 is also its best. It is a compact size printer that is easy for everyone to use and low maintenance. You know what’s the best part of this printer, it’s the impressive results with quite low price.

I mentioned this printer on the top of this list because of its reasonable price with quite high printing quality. Alongside, you get a lot of features with it too.

best sublimation printer for t-shirts

The user interface of this printer is quite easy. You can set it up in no time and begin using it right away. The EcoTank ET-4700 has a large print area with a wide capacity for paper. This gives you quite ease for printing documents, photos and whatever you want.


  •  Voice activated printing feature.
  • Reasonable price range.
  • Wireless connectivity options.
  • LCD screen for easy navigation.


  • No conversion.

Final Verdict

  • With my experience of using this printer, I can say that ET-4700 is a great inkjet printer that easily gets converted to the best sublimation printer for t-shirts and you can get it at quite a reasonable price.

2. Epson Stylus C88:

Due to its outstanding quality with affordable price, this Epson stylus deserves to be on this list. This sublimation printer is a great value for money with all the features it comes with.

It was a great experience using the Epson Stylus c88 because of its high printing quality with compact style offering versatility. What makes it stand out from other devices is its 4.2” x 3.7” touch screen for you to directly control it from your phone.

best sublimation printer for t-shirts

The printer allows you printing A4, A5, A6 and even A7 paper sheets. In fact, you can print special paper sizes on it too. Epson Stylus is able to print a variety of different document types with no problems at all.

Its incredible sharp resolution of 5760 x 1440 dots enables you to have high quality printing. So you should not wait more to spend some money on a good printer.


  • Print designs with precise detailing.
  • Automatic paper feeding quality.
  • Super fast printing speed.
  • Enables you editing photos.


  • A bit pricey.

Final Verdict

  • If you are looking for high quality photos and printing for your sublimation projects then you must check this one out. It has an incredible range of features with software for you to edit before final printing.

3. DNP DS-RX1HS Photo Printer Event:

This is another best sublimation printer with a variety of features and benefits. It is an ideal printing solution for any of your sublimation projects with its compact size. This printer makes use of dye sublimation printing in which the ink gets sublimated directly into the paper. This is quite the perfect thing for high quality printing that lasts for a whole life. Isn’t it great? Yes, right!

The DS-RX1HS is a small size printer that is easy to set up and use. Infact, it comes with a built-in automatic document feeder that easily scans, copies or fax your various documents at once.

best sublimation printer for t-shirts

Also, you can make use of this device for portrait printing of 4” x 6” prints. Moreover, there are a lot more features like its 300 x 600 DPI resolution and image buffer of 300 x 300.


  • High quality image resolution.
  • Image buffer.
  • Various features.


  • A bit on the pricey side compared to other inkjet printers.

Final Verdict

  • If you need something that is compact but has potential printing quality then the DNP-RX1HS is quite suitable for you. The variety of features it offers will surely amaze you.

4. Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500:

If you want a printer that has an ultimate range of features then you need to check this one out. The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 sublimation printer has a lot of features. It allows you to do full colour printing, which means that you can print upto 8 colours. This is quite more than a simple inkjet printer can do for you. Another of its features is that it allows printing on both sides of the fabric. This is quite a deal when you want to print on both sides of the fabric.

best sublimation printer for t-shirts

The printer comes with a 2-year warranty with great customer service by the company. It is an all-in-one true sublimation printer. On my test I just loaded the paper, waited for the print and walked out. Yes it is that simple. There is nothing you need to download or even you don’t need to wait for the printer to function.


  • Vibrant sublimation printer.
  • Multi colour support.
  • A whole range of features.


  • Only print 100% polyester shirts.
  • Cotton shirt printing will wash away.

Final Verdict

  • Sawgrass Virtuose is one of the best sublimation printers for t-shirts. You can get this because it is reliable, fast and easy to use for the variety of features it offers.

5. Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3:

If you own or planning to have a t-shirt printing business then Digital textile printer MT-TA3 is what you need. This machine is super convenient to use alongside easy to navigate too. Also, the price of the printer is reasonable with excellent quality printing.

Alongside printing, it has an additional function of cutting and ironing. The cutting quality is great with a wide range of cutting widths. In fact, you can cut a large number of products all at once.

best sublimation printer for t-shirts

Apart from this, the printer functions as embroidery too. This means that you can directly print on the T-shirt. On the control panel, it just has four buttons so the operation is simple.


  • Direct printing on shirts.
  • Cutting feature.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not great for a massive business.

Final Verdict

  • The quality of this product is great and it is super comfy to use. Its touch screen display makes you use it with ease and convenience. It is an ideal choice for small printing shops.

6. Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550:

If you want something reliable but you are low in budget then Epson EcoTank ET-8550 is the best choice for you to sublimate on shirts. Yes it is not the fastest working printer but is a great value for money and works perfectly fine.

It has a 6-colour cartridge ET premium ink system that makes it perfect for printing graphics and photos. In fact, it allows printing on cardstock and other media almost 1.3mm thick.

best sublimation printer for t-shirts

It has cheap ink bottles that let you print 4” x 6” photos easily. Also, you can use it to print on special papers like matte and gloss. Its compact size is an ideal choice for home and small business with tight space.


  •  Print high quality graphics and photos.
  • Save a lot of printing costs.
  • Makes you enjoy printing without getting you broke.


  • Not the fastest working printer for the price.

Final Verdict

  • Epson Ecotank is a great choice for small businesses and homes. It allows you to connect to the internet for online printing and it has a touchscreen that makes navigation easy for you.

7. Canon Selphy CP 1300:

If you are short on budget and looking for something fast then Canon Selphy is an ideal choice for you. This printer is quite simple, compact, fast and wireless that would not break your bank.

This is a cheap smartphone printer that prints in no time with quality. I was quite surprised to see how easy it is to set up and how fast it works. You can use anything to print photos via this printer like your phone, tablet or even camera’s memory card. Its light in weight design makes it a portable choice for you to carry it around.

best sublimation printer for t-shirts

It has a TFT display that makes it easy to see with good resolution. It has an option to rotate the display to 90 degrees to use it like a mirror. Another of its great features is its auto power off and there is a battery indicator too.


  • Smooth usage.
  • Easy to set.
  • LCD screen makes controlling easy.
  • Water resistant prints.
  • Dye sublimation printing technology.


  • Exclusive cartridge costs high price.

Final Verdict

  • This is a wireless printer that is reasonably priced. If you want to do printing at small scale just as a hobbyist then this is perfect for you.

8. Kodak Dock Portable Instant Photo Printer:

If you want to take photos and print wherever you are then this Kodak Printer is for you. This is a portable printer that gives you instant prints wherever you are. Alongside being a printer, it also works as a charger and an adapter. It easily works with any iOS and android device that supports USB. You have to use it with the Kodak Photo Printer app that makes it easy to print, edit and even share your photos.

best sublimation printer for t-shirts

If you talk about print quality then it’s pretty good. However, I noticed a bit of ink was wasted on the first few prints. Also, it’s not that fast, especially when you have a slow connection.

The best thing about this printer is that you can connect it to Wi-Fi and it directly prints from your phone. So when you are somewhere else you can quickly print a picture and sublimate that on a T-shirt.


  • High quality photos.
  • Fast charging.
  • Affordable price.
  • One-touch printing.


  • Small size printer.
  • Instant printing only.

Final Verdict

  • This printer is the easiest for you to use and sublimate pictures. If you are just looking for something small like using just in your home like your hobby then this is a great choice.

9. Professional Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine WF-2860 Printer:

I tested this printer and loved it because of many things it provides. So this printing device is quite easy to use with an intuitive user interface. It has a modern design with a large touchscreen making its navigation super easy. On the front you will find a help button which brings you a tutorial if you are a beginner.

The sublimation ink of this printer is of great quality and its reasonable price too. This is a great choice if you want to print graphics and logos on many items. You can use this printer for many different materials like cotton, polyester and other fabrics. In fact, it is usable for glass, ceramic, stone and metal too.

best sublimation printer for t-shirts

It has a chipless system that allows you printing from any device without resetting the cartridge. This is a time saving printing machine that you can use anytime you want to print anything.


  • Chipless cartridge.
  • High quality sublimation ink.
  • Certified.
  • Can get used on many different materials.


  • Its interface is a bit tricky.

Final Verdict

  • This is a great printing machine that you can go for. It is ideal for big business because of the variety you have in printing.

10. Canon Pixma MC3620:

From all the printers mentioned here, this one is the cheapest you can get. If you want to start a business for unique prints but don’t have that much cash, this one’s for you.

The Canon Pixma gives you multiple printing options like NFC, Mopria, Google Cloud Print, AirPrint and Canon Print. All this makes it quite easy for you to print from anywhere you are. It is because this is a compact size device for you to take it anywhere.

best sublimation printer for t-shirts


  • Offers versatility.
  • Cheapest option.
  • A Lot of printing option.


  • Printing quality is not the best.

Final Verdict

  • If you are a professional designer and want something cheap then this is the best printing device you can go for.

Buying Guide for Best Sublimation Printers for T-Shirts

If you are new to this printing thing then you surely do not know many important factors that you should consider before buying a sublimation printer. If you actually want to understand the features and mechanism of sublimation printers then you are at the right place.

Here is a small buying guide that will help you buy the best sublimation printers for T-shirts.

Type of Material for Printer:

Sublimation printers print out designs that you transfer to your T-shirt, mug, mouse pads or anything by applying heat. So you need to check out the material you will be using for sublimation. Check out the reviews of the printers and proper description to know if the material you are going to use is suitable for that certain printer or not.

Ink Cartridge:

When the point is about refilling or replacing ink cartridges, the costs vary. In fact, some of the sublimation printers make use of two or more cartridges. Following this, you need to consider the cost-effectiveness and longevity of a printer’s cartridge. This will help you know if you can maintain the printer in the long run or not.

Printing Resolution:

The resolution in which the printer prints photos has a high effect on how vivid and clear the printout is. Printers are able to make high-quality prints that could get expensive. Properly check if the printing resolution is high if you want to have perfect printing all the time.

Connectivity Options:

Connectivity options of a printer means all the methods by which you can connect your printer to the PC or any other device. This includes the options to connect the printer to a local area network or anything. Nowadays, most of the sublimation printers come with USB ports or Wi-Fi capability so the user gets instant access.

The Transfer Methods:

This is merely the printer’s way of T-shirt design printing. Some printers feature specific mechanisms that allow you to print directly on the material’s surface. Some designs, however, necessitate the use of heat before they may emerge on your material.

Popular Sublimation Printing Techniques:

There are two most popular t-shirt sublimation printing techniques;

1. Direct to Garment (DTG):

DTG printers use specialised inks that are applied directly to the fabric, eliminating the need for a heat transfer stage. This method is popular because it is quick, simple, and produces high-quality prints.

2. Heat Transfer:

You can transfer your picture onto garments using a heat press machine, which includes applying pressure and/or heat to transfer inks onto various materials. This method is commonly used in the production of sports jerseys and uniforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best printer for sublimation printing?

Printing using sublimation is unlike any other sort of printing. It necessitates the use of sublimation printers, which necessitates the use of special printers built expressly for the procedures involved. Yes, a standard inkjet printer can be used. But, unlike a dye-sublimation printer, such a printer would not render graphics adequately in dye.

One thing to bear in mind is that when it comes to sublimation printing, there are only two prominent manufacturers: Epson and SAWGRASS. Any genuine printer purchased from one of the aforementioned brands is less likely to let you down!

Can any printer be able to do sublimation printing?

This is a bit of a critical question. The simple answer is no, because attempting to use any form of printer would simply make the T-shirt appear bad. However, nothing prevents you from experimenting with standard inkjet printers, but you have been told!

Can I do sublimation printing on Cotton?

Cotton is one of the most frequent fabrics that we use. However, sublimation printing is not fully supported. When design transfer is complete, the designs may not have as much resolution as they should. This isn’t due to poor printing technique or a lack of high-quality printers. Instead, it emphasises the difficulty of absorbing sublimation ink into cotton cloth.

As a result, polyester materials are suggested as the ideal choice for sublimation printing.

What should I expect from my first sublimation printing project?

When working with digital photography and sublimation printing, there are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to the final product. Light colours, for example, may not appear as bright, and white clothing will not have strong contrasts with this technique. As a result, if necessary, create simple logos or visuals that nevertheless appear good even if the contrast is minimal.


Sublimation printers will give the already distinctive electronic paper a new purpose. With the ability to print a colour image, a colour logo, or a colour font, the sublimation printer opens up a world of possibilities.

Sublimation printing is not a method you should attempt unless you have the proper equipment. Hopefully, our research of the top 10 best sublimation printers for T-shirts and buying guide has provided you with all of the knowledge you require. If you have any queries, please leave them in the comments section below!

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