Best Sublimation Printers That Print 11x17

5 Best Sublimation Printers That Print 11×17 in 2023| Reviews And Buying Guide

Do you want to learn about world crafts through sublimation printing? So, take a look at our top picks for the best printers in the industry. There are times during your creative work that you specifically need a certain kind of print. Following that, particularly if you’re looking for printers that can handle size 11 x 17, we have the best options for you. The top picks with cutting-edge technology can be found in this article, Best Sublimation Printers That Print 11×17.

List of All The Best Sublimation Printers that Print 11×17

Here are the reviews of the best sublimation printers that print 11×17 size prints. You should consider going through this list and choose the best one for you.

Our Pick1
Best Sublimation Printers That Print 11x17
Sawgrass SG1000 Sublimation Printer

‣ Sawgrass Print Manager.
‣ CreativeStudio Online Designer.
‣ SubliJet UHD Sublimation Inks.

Top Pick2
Best Sublimation Printers That Print 11x17
Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Sublimation Printer

‣ Versatile paper handling.
‣ Cartridge-Free Printing.
‣ 250-sheet paper capacity.

Best Seller No. 13
Best Sublimation Printers That Print 11x17
Epson F570 Sublimation Printer

‣ Compact, clean design.
‣ Easy printing right out of the box.
‣ Intuitive operation.
‣ Flexible connectivity.

Editor’s Choice4
Best Sublimation Printers That Print 11x17
Epson EcoTank ET-8550 Wireless Sublimation Printer

‣ Professional Media Handling.
‣ Hi-Res Flatbed Scanner.
‣ Full Color Touch Panel Display.
‣ A Connection for Everyone.

Best Sublimation Printers That Print 11x17
Sawgrass SG800 Sublimation Printer

‣ Sawgrass Print Manager.
‣ CreativeStudio Designer.
‣ SubliJet-UHD Inks.
‣ In-house Sawgrass Support.

1. Sawgrass SG1000 Sublimation Printer:

I mentioned this printer on the top of my list because Sawgrass has decades of experience manufacturing printing devices. So, if you require a powerful machine capable of handling all of your printing orders, this is the machine for you. Sawgrass SG1000, for example, has a small footprint. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about where it should be placed. This printer is made specifically for sublimation printing. As a result, you can be confident that it will perform admirably.

Best Sublimation Printers That Print 11x17

It is polymer-compatible, and the printing speed and quality are both exceptional. SG1000 is also appropriate for both soft and hard surface materials such as T-shirts, wood, and mugs. Furthermore, this printer employs high-end UHD inks for superior print quality.


  • Great deal for large volume printing
  • Easily print big size papers
  • Many options for connectivity


  • A bit same as its previous version
  • On a pricey side

Final Verdict

  • Without a doubt, this is one of the best sublimation printers for professional volume and bulk printing. This printer can handle high volumes while still maintaining resolution and quality. Individuals may find it to be an expensive option, so if you have a business or want to start sublimation printing professionally, it is preferable.

2. Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Sublimation Printer:

The Epson ET-15000 is a large format printer designed for professional use. It has the highest print resolution available. The images are vivid and have a high level of sharpness. This printer is also capable of producing super-sized prints. Because it has a maximum print limit of 1319, it is the best choice for a printer that prints 1117. That means you won’t have to buy a new printer anytime soon, especially if paper size is an issue.

Best Sublimation Printers That Print 11x17

It’s also a better option for photography. In that regard, it’s a good buy if you’re a professional photographer. For added convenience, this printer supports auto-duplex printing. It’s also very fast, taking less than 30 seconds to print a 4×6 coloured photo.


  • Automatic dual side printing
  • Cost effective on ink replacement
  • Gives you cartridge free printing
  • Flexible paper handling
  • Wireless connection


  • Not compatible with all sublimation inks

Final Verdict

  • It has an easy-to-use LCD screen for navigation. You can also run your projects more easily thanks to wireless connectivity. Finally, it has an auto-refill system to ensure that you never run out of printing ink.

3. Epson F570 Sublimation Printer:

When it comes to Epson’s expansion into sublimation printers, the F570 is a pioneer. If you’re looking for a dependable machine, you’ve found it. This printer is capable of handling both small and large orders. It is one of the largest models and can accommodate up to 24″. As a result, it’s the best option if you need to print something larger than 11″x17″. Also, if you need a fast printer, the Epson F570 is a good choice. It’s quick enough to handle large orders.

Best Sublimation Printers That Print 11x17

This printer comes with a rotary cutter and a 50-sheet auto-feed input tray. Despite the fact that it is a wide-format printer, it is small in size.

Because of PrecisionCore Printhead Technology, Nozzle Verification Technology, and Precision Droplet Control Technology, this printer produces prints of exceptional quality and colour accuracy at astounding speeds with low ink waste.

This printer is capable of printing on a wide range of materials, including paper and t-shirts. This dye sublimation printer supports USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. This printer’s 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen control panel makes printing easier.


  • High printing speed
  • Built in cutter
  • High resolution printing
  • LCD screen for easy controlling
  • Low printing costs


  • High buying cost
  • Heavy weight

Final Verdict

  • This Epson dye-sublimation printer is ideal for printing professionals. The Epson SureColor F570 can process larger orders faster and is likely the best t-shirt printer. Despite its high starting price, this printer can print on surfaces as wide as 24 inches and produces high-quality prints. You also get a tonne of free software and sublimation print paper with this Epson printer.

4. Epson EcoTank ET-8550 Wireless Sublimation Printer:

When it comes to the initial cost of purchasing a printer, there is more to consider. While a printer can be inexpensive or expensive, it is critical to consider the ongoing costs. In this case, the Epson Et8550 is one of the most cost-effective printers.

For starters, it eliminates the need for cartridges, which significantly reduces operating costs. As you are well aware, replacing a cartridge is not cheap.

Best Sublimation Printers That Print 11x17

Furthermore, this printer has a large ink capacity, allowing you to save up to 80% on ink replacement costs. It also includes a set of ink that will last for about two years. Expect photographic images with high resolution when it comes to print quality.


  • Zero waste of cartridge
  • Support many different devices
  • Touchscreen display for easy navigation
  • Voice activated printing
  • Quality scanner


  • High running costs

Final Verdict

  • If you want a good set of features with value for a certain size of printing then this is a great deal for your creative craft work.

5. Sawgrass SG800 Sublimation Printer:

If you are just getting started in the custom printing business, the Sawgrass SG800 sublimation printer for beginners will be useful. It can install both low-capacity and high-capacity cartridges. And having this kind of freedom allows you to choose the best option for your financial situation. The SG800 is a top 1117 sublimation printer. It has advanced capabilities that allow it to print high-quality images.

Best Sublimation Printers That Print 11x17

Because of its quick printing speed, you can complete projects in less time. You will have access to the best performing machine even if your startup costs are low. Because of its built-in cleaning system, this device uses less ink and runs more efficiently.


  • High resolution
  • Comes with 1 year of warranty
  • High speed printing
  • Long lasting
  • In-built cleaning system


  • On a pricey side

Final Verdict

  • It is a great printer device for your specific size printing. However, it is more beginner friendly than high level professional work. But still does the best job.

Buying Guide To Purchase 11 x 17 Print Sublimation Printer:

Criteria are essential when purchasing any item, whether it is technological or not. And in this case, there are a few factors to consider when purchasing a sub printer:


Because of their versatility in application, multifunctional printers are always the best.


In this case, you can think about the printer size and the paper size. We already know the paper size is 11 x 17. When it comes to printer size, you must consider how much space it will take up.


How much money do you have set aside for the printer? In addition to the purchase price, you should consider the long-term expenditure or running cost.


However, they are the best printers for those working on large prints. Thus, go over it again and you’ll find a model that works for your company or project.

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