can you use Epson sublimation ink on heat transfer paper

Can You Use Epson Sublimation Ink on Heat Transfer Paper | Detailed Guide

If you’re wondering, can you use Epson sublimation ink on heat transfer paper? Or maybe you’re nervous about the heat transfer paper being non-permanent. If so, you’re not alone. So many people are hesitant to use sublimation ink on heat transfer paper for this very reason. But is it that bad? And can you still use sublimation ink on heat transfer paper if you’re worried about it? In this article, we’ll explore these questions and more.

What is Heat Transfer Paper?

Can You Use Epson Sublimation Ink on Heat Transfer Paper

When most people think of heat transfer paper, they likely picture something thermal that can be used to print temporary decorations or cutouts for crafts. But heat transfer paper is more than just a decorative tool—it’s also a printing mechanism. Heat transfer paper is made up of fine, smooth fibres that are bound together by an adhesive. When you put your design onto the material and press down, the adhesive melts and deposits the image on top of any previously applied fabric heat transfers.

If you’re looking to purchase a Epson printer we have a whole article written on Best Epson Printer for Sublimation.

Can I Sublimate on Heat Transfer Paper?

Yes, you can use sublimation ink on heat transfer paper. However, carefully selecting the suitable ink is essential to achieve optimal results. For example, ink designed for sublimated graphics often has higher temperatures and resists smudging or fading. We have also written an article on how to convert an Epson printer for sublimation If you have an Epson printer, this article will help to convert it to sublimation.

Do you Need Special Ink For Heat Transfer Paper?

No, heat transfer paper works with the most standard inks. However, some types of ink may be more effective when transferring heat. For example, heat transfer paper is made of a film containing small chips that can hold onto the heat generated by an object being heated and then transferred to another surface. The type of ink used affects how quickly the chip can release heat and how well it will adhere to the film.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sublimation Ink on Heat Transfer Paper.


1. Sublimation ink can transfer a great deal of heat, making it ideal for use on heat transfer paper.

2. Sublimation ink is typically resistant to smudging or fading, making it a reliable option for long-term use.

3. Inks that are designed for sublimated graphics often have higher temperatures, which means that they will more efficiently transfer heat from the object being heated onto the film.

4. Some inks may be incompatible with other types of media and may require specific preparation before use (such as preheating the substrate). This information is usually included in product specification overviews or user manuals.

5. Ink that is designed for sublimated graphics typically has higher temperatures, which means that it resists smudging and fading.

6. Heat transfer shirts made with sublimation ink can be worn multiple times without needing to be replaced and are often more comfortable than those created with other types of inks.


1. Sublimation ink is often more expensive than other types of ink.

2. Incompatible media can cause a reduction or loss of image quality if used with sublimation ink.

3. Ink designed for sublimated graphics typically has higher temperatures, which means that it may be less forgiving when worked with by beginners or those unfamiliar with the technique (it can also be more difficult to clean).

4. Care must be taken when applying heat transfer stickers made with sublimation ink, as they can easily become damaged if heated too quickly or allowed to dry.

How Long Will a Heat Transfer Shirt Last?

Heat transfer shirts are designed to keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. However, the lifespan of a heat transfer shirt will depend on several factors, including how often it is used, the climate where it is being used, and its care.

Heat transfer shirts can last up to 6 months if worn moderately (3-4 times per week) and washed regularly with mild soap. If you wear your shirt more frequently or subject it to rigorous outdoor activities or exposure to harsh chemicals or pollutants, your lifespan may be shorter. In extreme cases, heat transfer shirts may need to be replaced after just 1-2 weeks, depending on the circumstances.


Heat transfer paper is a way to express your inner creativity and add some flair to your garments. The only thing that may hold you back is the sublimation ink. Sublimation ink on heat transfer paper gives awesome designs and ensures that your shirts last a very long time.

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