how to make sublimation tumblers

How to Make Sublimation Tumblers | A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to personalize your drinks, then you’ll want to try sublimation tumblers. This trendy yet simple technique is perfect for making customized drinks for any occasion. Plus, sublimation tumblers are versatile, you can use them at home or at the office, and they make a great gift! In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about how to make sublimation tumblers and get started with sublimation tumblers. We promise it’ll be a fun and easy process!

What are sublimation tumblers?

how to make sublimation tumblers

A sublimation drinking cup is a printing technique that produces a drinking cup. As a result, the tumbler’s picture or design will be permanently stamped with heat and pressure. The print has a superb level of quality and will not fade or scratch over time. Sublimation tumblers are perfect for making customized drinks. For example, you can use compatible sublimation tumblers to make personalized cocktails at home or at the office. You can also use sublimated tumbler designs as a decorative piece in your home or office.

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How to Make a Sublimation Tumbler?

It’s a simple sublimation process to make a sublimation tumbler, and it takes just a few stages.

Supplies for sublimation tumblers


-Sublimation ink

-Tumbler of the desired color

-Printed design or image

Step 1. Choose the design or image

First, you will need to choose the design or image that you want to print onto your tumbler. You can either use a digital file or an original piece of artwork. If you are printing from a digital file, make sure that the resolution is high enough so that the details stand out clearly.

Step 2. Clean and Dry Your Tumbler

It’s important to clean and dry your tumbler thoroughly before sublimation printing in order to avoid any problems with the transfer process. Make sure all traces of oil or debris are removed from the surface of the cup before starting this step. Check out our other article on stainless steel tumblers.

Step 3. Choose the type of tumbler you want to print on, as well as the color and size

Once the tumbler is clean and dry, you will need to choose the type of tumbler that you want to print on. There are plastic cups and water bottles available on the market which are perfect for sublimation print.

Next, you will need to decide what color printer ink you would like to use. Some popular colors include black, blue, green, yellow, and red. Finally, select the size of the tumbler that you would like to print your design onto.

Step 4. Upload your design or image

Now that you have decided on the design, color, and size of the tumbler, it is time to upload your image or digital file. You will need to choose a resolution for the print which should be high enough so that the detail in your image stands out clearly.

Once you have uploaded your file, click on ‘Print’.

Your sublimation tumbler prints will now start printing! It is important to store them away out of direct sunlight so they won’t fade over time.


What kind of tumblers can you use for sublimation?

There are a few types of tumblers that can be used for sublimation, but the most popular ones include plastic cups and water bottles. The cup or bottle must first be cleaned thoroughly to eliminate any oils or debris that could cause problems with the transfer process. Next, make sure that the surface is completely dry before you start printing. This will minimize potential tears in your print job.

There are various applications available on software platforms like Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW which allow you to create beautiful prints from digital files. Simply import your image into the program, choose a size and layout, and hit print! Once your prints have been made, it is important to store them away out of direct sunlight so they won’t fade over time.

How to Sublimate a Tumbler Using Shrink Wrap?

1. Place the tumbler in the middle of the shrink wrap and then fold up one end of the shrink wrap around it, overlapping the edges by at least 2 inches (5 cm). Make sure that you seal off all sides of the tumbler so that no air can get inside. Then staple or tape down one side of this folded-over edge. Repeat on the opposite side.

2. Start with an open end and place your Tumbler inside as though you were wrapping a present; make sure that it is positioned correctly so there are no wrinkles in either direction once enclosed by the plastic film (this will help prevent bubbles from forming when compressing later). Now start sealing up both ends with more overlap than needed – just enough to create those tight, shiny seams! Once complete, smooth out any bumps or unevenness with your hands before stapling/taping down securely again for uniformity.

How To Make Custom Glimmering Sublimation Tumblers?

Custom Glimmering Sublimation Tumblers are a great way to show your personality and stand out from the crowd. They’re also ideal for providing an attractive drink option for your customers. How do you make them? It’s simple. You start by choosing the design that you want, then choose the ingredients and printing supplies that you need.

After that, it’s just a matter of following the instructions on how to create your custom tumbler.

Custom Glimmering Sublimation Sheet Tumblers can be made in any color or style that you desire, so be sure to get creative and express yourself through this unique beverage choice.


This is how many brands make sublimation tumblers. Keep in mind that the process of how to make sublimation tumblers is simple and will not take more than 30 minutes. After that, you can use your new machine to make amazing decorated cups, such as those we showed earlier.

There are also tons of other designs available for you to choose from if you feel like trying something new. Just be sure when selecting a design that the colors and shapes suit your brand perfectly so that people easily recognize your brand’s taste.

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