how to sublimate on phone cases

How to Sublimate On Phone Cases | Step-by-Step Tutorial

Want to learn how to sublimate phone cases yourself? Check out our guide below! This popular trend involves removing the top layer of a phone case, revealing the underlying material. This allows you to customize and personalize your phone case in unique ways, making it perfect for any outfit or mood.

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You should ensure that you have all of the following items before beginning the procedure.

1. Heat press machine

2. Quality Sublimation printer

3. Sublimation Transfer Paper

4. Sublimation link

5. Heat tape

How to Sublimate on a Phone Case? Follow the Steps Mentioned Below.

how to sublimate on phone cases

Step 1:

If you want to know how to sublimate on phone cases. You need to design software first before starting to sublimate your phone. There is a lot of free and commercial software available on the internet. Once you have chosen the design software, open it and import the image or logo that you want to use on your phone case.

Step 2:

After importing the design, select the “Coat” option from the tool palette. In this step, you need to decide how thick your protective layer will be so that the sublimation transfer paper can properly adhere to it while the printing process is happening. Usually, 1-2 mm of thickness is recommended for most cases (although thicker transfers may look better).

Step 3:

Next, select the “Sublimation” option from the tool palette. In this step, you need to decide the type of sublimation printing method that you want to use on your phone case. The available types are “Hot Sub”, “Cold Sub”, and “Pressure Transfer”. Hot Sub is the most common one used on phones today. It is a quick and easy sublimation method that uses heat and special transfer paper (provided) as an emulsion carrier. You will just have to place the transfer onto your chosen area on the computer screen, press the “play” button, and wait for the simple process to finish.

Step 4:

Choose the phone case that you want to sublimate. If it is a hard case, then remove the metal sheet outer casing by using a sharp knife or scissors.

Step 5:

Place any type of printing heat press machine on low and preheat it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Place your phone case onto the bed of the press machine and carefully peel off any protective stickers or film from the surface of your phone case.

Step 6:

If there are any obstructions that need removing, such as air bubbles trapped underneath the adhesive layer, use a heated stylus to gently pop them free before continuing with the step. If you love the idea of business, you should check out my article on how to start your own custom phone case business

Place your phone case onto the transfer paper and position it so that the adhesive side is facing downwards. Press down firmly with your hands to ensure adhesion.

If you want to use a heat gun, then now would be a good time to do so (on low or medium) and carefully heat up the digital printing surface of the transfer until it begins to shimmer and become sticky. Be careful not to overheat it, or you will cause damage. Once everything has reached this stage, place another piece of tissue paper on top of the phone case and press down again. Once the protective layer is removed, place your sublimation paper onto the warm surface of your press machine. Make sure that all surfaces around the phone case are completely covered with the transfer.

Step 7:

Press the “Start” button on your printing machine and wait for it to finish its cycle. When it finishes, check to make sure that all areas of your phone case have been successfully sublimated. If not, repeat steps 5-7 until everything has been transferred correctly.

Congratulations! You’ve just printed your own custom phone case!


From the entire process, sublimation looks simple but tricky. Above, we discussed the steps that can help you get started with this art. It is not just easy but also very cost-effective and eco-friendly as well!

If you love to add more creations to your phone case, try out sublimation printing on cases for your phone, bags, journals, or even apparel! You will be surprised by how beautifully these products turn out!

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